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Stevia Global Summit 2019

on 9th November 2019

Stevia - Disrupting Sweetener Market

The Stevia Knowledge Group in association with India Exposition Mart Ltd. brings together R&D, Innovation, Marketing, Branding and New Product Development through leaders to network and meet Stevia industry peers from across the World

This conference will prove to be a comprehensive knowledge source on the stevia value chain, with important insights covering stevia applications in the Food & Beverage sector, stevia regulatory Issues, stevia market trends, Stevia product launches, Stevia investments and new and innovative developments taking place in cultivation, processing and formulation development.

In this Summit, top executives from most renowned ingredient developers and innovations companies, stevia researchers, growers, manufacture, Quality assurer, will discuss all about stevia regulatory issues, technical challenges, latest regulations, products, technologies, tools, techniques, and services in the Stevia Value Chain and market research in this niche, but ever increasing market.

Every one concern with stevia growing, processor, refiner, researcher, inventor, exporters, food ingredient dealer, confectionary, beverage manufacturer and trader is part of this global forum, to closely understand its community and to explore new opportunities, understand regulatory affairs, technical developments, patents, innovative uses, sugar substitution and other market updates.

Largely stevia stake holders, benefit from this event to network with high content planting material suppliers, Farmers, Technologist, Stevia processing companies, Food Ingredients developers, Formulations expert, New and innovative Stevia product developers, contract manufacturers, foreign investors in Stevia Sector, consumer product marketers, government regulatory authorities and who’s who in Stevia Industry from India and different part of the world, will attended this conference.

This Conference is offering up-to-the-minute updates on the latest developments in Stevia Sector around the world. This Summit objective is to provide a common platform for trade promotion, marketing, and sourcing of stevia products and to promote commercial farming of stevia all over the world and to establish a Global Stevia Hub and create a platform for scientists, activists, and natural health professionals those utilize stevia products.

It is commonly agreed that use of stevia in Indian food and beverages will not only give birth to more and more healthy products but also give immense opportunity to Indian small and marginal farmers to grow stevia in India as a cash crop and improve their economic condition, which will also attract foreign investment in building up new stevia processing units and generate employment.

This summit will bring Stevia more closer to farmers, food and beverages companies, health conscious people and diabetic population by emphasizing use of stevia in food and beverages products and to bring more awareness and knowledge development

Other key Issue to be discussed during the summit are

  • Market Trends & Outlook for Stevia Natural Sweetener
  • Stevia’s Competitiveness & Prospects in India
  • Status & development of extraction & purification technologies
  • Stevia Project Finance, Investment & Funding Outlook
  • Evaluation of Stevia v/s sugar and other High Intensity Sweeteners
  • Food Application – Formulation Development
  • Taste & Flavor Modification

Stevia Supply Chain Development, Agricultural Practices for Maximum Yields, Health, Safety & Regulatory advances, Issue of delay in approval of stevia to be used in India as a food ingredient, Importance of Quality , international Standards and Certification, Validation of different analytical method.

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