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Stevia Global Forum Is Distinctive Platform for Stevia Industry

Every one concern with stevia growing, processor, refiner, researcher, inventor, exporter, food ingredient dealer, confectionary, beverage manufacturer and trader is part of Stevia Global Forum, to closely understand its community and to explore new opportunities, understand regulatory affairs, technical developments, patents, innovative uses, sugar substitution and other market updates.

Stevia Global Forum objective is to provide a common platform for trade promotion, marketing, and sourcing of stevia products and to promote commercial farming of stevia all over the world and to establish a Global Stevia Hub and create a platform for scientists, activists, and natural health professionals those utilize stevia products.

Stevia Global Forum is fully committed to introduce and encourage “knowledge sharing” among stakeholders and create a global platform for stevia business to business (B2B)

Stevia Global Forum strive to develop further acceptance of stevia through wider international market “exposure & education”

It also provide current statistics and updated applied information on stevia, with updates on scientific and technological developments, to strengthen qualitative and global trade experiences and to establish a strong global networking among cultivators, traders, manufacturers, marketers, end users, and natural health educators and practitioners.

Today sugar kills worldwide more people than smoking, alcohol and drug addiction. But the death is anything but sweet. Sugar consumption, especially from sugary drinks, is the single largest and preventable contributor to the global epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and unhealthy weight gain.

Sugar is linked to Trillions in healthcare spending globally. At least in dental diseases the intake of free sugars is associated with a global financial burden of 128 billion EUR.

In continuation of its effort Stevia Global Forum in association with India Stevia Association is organizing 9th Stevia Global Summit on 9th November 2019 at India Expo Centre and Mart, Greater Noida, NCR, India to analyse challenges and opportunities for Stevia in India.

In this Summit, top executives from most renowned ingredient developers and innovations companies, stevia researchers, growers, manufacture, Quality assurer, will discuss all about stevia regulatory issues, technical challenges, latest regulations, products, technologies, tools, techniques, and services in the Stevia Value Chain and market research in this niche, but ever increasing market.

In the year 2020.Stevia Knowledge Group is going to organise series of Stevia Global Conferences in Turkey, Kenya, Malaysia Italy and Brazil

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