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Global Stevia Leadership Awards – 2020

Entries are invited from individuals and organisations assuming leadership role in under mentioned categories:

Stevia Global Forum has established the Global Stevia Leadership Awards from this year 2020 to recognize the leadership roles played by individuals and institutions positively impacting the lives of farmers, stevia manufacturing and processing industry, food and beverage industry and innovative formulation development in Stevia Value Chain.

Globally, Stevia Value Chain has transformed significantly over the years; from being a means of subsistence to now market linked and commercialized with application of advance technologies and integration.

Stevia in India has also come a long way. Stevia is evolving into lucrative agribusiness and getting more market focus with value chain development, IT application and market spread, driven by the progressive government policies, aggressive play by institutions and the entry of large corporate in food and agriculture businesses.

The role of these stake-holders in driving the growth and value added transformation of farms sector is commendable, but most of them do not get any recognition for their contributions to the agriculture and for empowering farmers and developing innovative technologies.

Stevia Leadership Awards of the Year 2020

Stevia Global Forum Committee will select companies and individuals to receive the Awards in different aspects of stevia business value chain. Nominations are judged upon quality of cultivation agro practices, manufacturing process, design, merchandising, customer service, ethics/trade relations and communications. The awards are given to the company receiving the most votes.

Nomination for Stevia Cultivation Award

Progressive Farmers having adopted latest technologies, diversified and Integrated farming perfected Stevia farming systems / models with innovative approaches, resource saving and record level of productivity etc.

Farmers having achieved record income per unit, established integrated farming Systems, marketing linkages, value addition etc.

Farmers using the quality stevia planting material developed through tissue culture and vegetative propagation.

Having made a mark with Infrastructural development for enhancing the ultimate production efficiency and quality of the produce.

Made remarkable achievements in the productivity and production of Stevia Crop with due technological interventions.

Ensured a place of pride in Stevia cultivation at the national / international level.

Nomination for Stevia Technology Award

Head of research / technology / academic institution or research program, including private sector, who have made noticeable contribution by his/her research achievements.

New technology innovation and or Introduction of new research varieties / products or having solved any complex problem by research offerings.

Heads of research policy programs, who got innovative research policies made, resources generated and networks established, which accelerated the pace of research activities in that sphere.

Decoding links between framers, agri-food supply chains, retail segment and their respective responsibilities to craft a sustainable logistic / operation plan.

Nomination for Innovative Product Award

This award recognizes an outstanding company active in food and agri sector or an individual leading it. The company should be serving the sector through Stevia products, technologies with large manufacturing base, supporting its establishment at national and international levels.

The company which promotes food research and making positive impact on stevia enterprises, through quality products and manufacturing excellence, using new technologies and processes to set standard at the national and global levels.

Building effective and science-based research and development enhancing the quality of stevia end products to customers. Following and fulfilling all updates of FSSAI product approval and safety standards.

Using new and effective packaging systems, Bio-based packaging, Flexible packaging and Nanotechnology.

Effectively placing products on the shelf, understanding consumer trends and analytics Innovation drivers.

Nomination for Innovative Formulations

This award recognizes an outstanding Formulation Innovation company in food and Beverage sector which have significantily impacted the innovative use of stevia in various food products.

Distinguished contribution in growth of business and introduction of new products / services and have led to expansion in size of the business with significant share in exports market.

Developed the ideal winning formula in the Indian F&B industry after understanding the key drivers for innovation – personalized diets and customized personalized calorie reduced food.

A sneak-peak into the innovations that will shape the future of the Indian food industry to reduce Calories and help development of healther products.

Developed practical solutions by improving the adoption of Innovative Formulation into F&B domain

How to enter

Choose a category and make sure that you enter in the correct category. Ensure that entry forms are complete in all respects.

You may fill the forms in English or in Hindi and send entry preferably by mail.

You may send your nominations separately for each category and type (individual /institutional).

Please send your entry, preferably in 2 pages only. One page of general bio-data and one page about the significant achievements. The Committee may seek additional information, if necessary.

A person may send his entry as well as sponsor names for any number of categories with brief notes of each sponsored names.

Please attach a cover note mentioning all the entries and categories in the package.

Selection Procedure

In order to maintain the sanctity and stature of these awards, thorough screening is done by eminent experts. To make the process more authentic the Awards committee also seeks informal views for a large number of people related directly or indirectly with agriculture, technology and food sector to verify claims of the applicants from the relevant source.

The selection of awardees is made through a two tier system. The Award sub-committees, headed by one member of the national committee, screens and recommends to the nation committee for finalizing the names.

The selection of awardees is made through a two tier system. The Award sub-committees, headed by one member of the national committee, screens and recommends to the nation committee for finalizing the names.

All the applications and nominations received are screened to ensure that they satisfy all the conditions laid down by the Award Secretariat. These are then put up to the respective Sub- Committee.

The second stage is the circulation of the entries by Sub Committees, who evaluate the entries based on agreed parameters and recommend three names for each Award to the National committee for the final selection.

Based on the feedback received, the national committee will make a list of the winning entries in each categories. The high standard set for the Awards has to be maintained.

Kindly fill the form attached and forward via e-mail ( or apply online by filling “Online form For Award Nomination”.

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